Help, I can’t read what I wrote!

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OK, So I use a small 6×9 notepad in a handsome leather binder with gold trimmed pages of a light harvest gold, fine-lined paper. The good stuff! As I sit on meetings, I will frantically scribble down lop-sided messages, in no particular order, with lines and arrows which hopefully impart some intelligent knowledge. Unfortunately, when I return to the notes I made, now 10 pages back, for the life of me, I cannot read my own handwriting!

So, I now have a macbook capable of running Docker Desktop. I wanted to refresh my flask development environment and wanted to use Docker, Flask, JavaScript, and MongoDB, in a container based application. I was going to use mongoengie but seems I ran into versioning control hell and pivoted to Pymongo! I started work on this project and called it ‘projectx’. I finally decided to call it da5id after a metaverse character from a Neil Stephenson novel called Snow Crash. Below is a quick (13 minute) video of da5id in action.

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