Aruba IMC with ServiceNow

Integration pack for aruba IMC to Stackstorm.

Aruba Intelligent Management Center is a powerful network management platform. I cut my API teeth on this one. I started out with a small little application called ‘columbo’. It was ugly, but it gave me confidence to do something bigger. About six years ago I took a crack at integrating Aruba’s IMC into ServiceNow. The solution was called ‘snowbridge’ and it was just one big continuous code loop. I had to write the python code for IMC and ServiceNow. It was a huge job for me and my meager coding skills. It was fairly successful and Accenture was using it quite a bit, it worked…barely. This just goes to show you, if your code works, it doesn’t matter how ugly it is. Now with my Stackstorm superpower, I took a new approach, and it’s pretty cool.

By writing a st2 integration pack, I have not only opened the communication between Aruba’s IMC and ServiceNow, but to over 180 3rd party automation packages as well on the Exchange . With this solution I have actions that automatically take the Alarms, Real Time Alarms, and the Device inventory and send them to ServiceNow. Don’t like that? How about sending those alarms to a Kafka stream, super easy. It’s Stackstorm.

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