Hi! I’m The Mad Scientist, Rick Kauffman!. Thanks for stopping by.

Discovered behind a trash dumpster, out back of an abandoned Fry’s electronic store at a young age, I was basically raised by horses and taught the ways of python and other programming languages. I discovered networking, had no clue what it was, instantly fell in love with it, and I still have no clue what it is. But what I don’t know I just make up so it all worked out well so far. Having a strong *background* in data center networking, it wasn’t long until I realized that the network was just a transport for the applications! Working for HPE I now realize that they actually plug things into the network! Things like computational servers and devices that store information. Who knew! It’s a trinity that supports the application. I saw somewhere on the interwebs that it could be possible to have all these devices react with each other and reconfigure themselves based on the events happening at the time. A living machine. Development of that world has now become a quest, a journey, to basically automate my way out of a job. This is the future, nobody will be running away from automation. A great many will be running toward it on their way to the unemployment line. But fear not! You can always become a robot psychologist!