StackStorm & Jupyter on a Virtual Machine


In this blog post we’re going to get an iso of ubuntu mate and load stackstorm and jupyter notebooks.

Using the workstation

First thing first, let’s get a copy of ubuntu mate (desktop). You can get it here:
max version 18.04

Setup with about 2 megs of RAM and a 50G hard disk. You won’t need much. When you can login to the ubuntu machine, open a terminal window and enter the following command to install a stackstorm server. Adjust the display settings if you care.

In the terminal elevate privileges by using sudo su -

At the prompt update Ubuntu with apt-get update

Make sure curl is up to date with apt-get install curl

We will have to get PyPi (pip) installed sudo apt-get install python-pip

Now use pip to install requests pip install requests

Now install stackstorm with curl -sSL | bash -s -- --user=st2admin --password='Ch@ngeMe'

NOTE Please change the password to something you will remember.

A long installation script will run and at the end it will say STACKSTORM OK in large letters.


You should now be able to log into stackstorm:
st2 login -w st2admin then enter the password you used in the install above.

Verify you have logged into stackstorm by issuing st2 action list

You should see a list of available stackstorm actions.

Install python-pip and Jupyter Notebook server

From the prompt type: apt-get install -y python3-pip

Next: pip3 install --upgrade pip

Next: pip3 install setuptools

Finally: pip3 install jupyter

Run the Jupyter server: Enter CTRL-D to log out of root! Do It!

Type: (not root) jupyter notebook

This will start the notebook server and It will open your default web browser. From there you can start making your own notebooks.

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