A platform for automating stackstorm and integrating with the HPE Composable Fabric Manager.

By now we know that there is some stackstorm goodness inside the Composable Fabric Manager. Perhaps we could find it and use it natively. Well, you can easily find it, the trouble is it has been locked down fairly well. Using it is just an exercise in futility. Looks like we need to step off of the controller and onto a standalone installation of Stackstorm. All is good, easy enough. If we start developing stackstom integrations from this platform, it opens up an entire ecosystem in stackstorm exchange. All that is necessary is to be able to “talk” back to the CFM. That is the function of stackstorm-hpe-cfm integration pack. The architecture looks like this:

Take a quick view of SideKick in action, aa picture is worth 1000 words, this video is maybe worth 1001? What do you expect? I’m not Spielberg 🙂

Look for additional enhancements to sidekick coming soon.

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