HPE Aruba Networking IMC & ClearPass, together.

Sharing device information between HPE Aruba Networking IMC and ClearPass

Another project with HPE Aruba Networking IMC and ClearPass. IMC, or Intelligent Management Center is an excellent way to manage all of your networking devices. Its awesome in the campus networks and just as good in the Data Center. I had some colleagues approach me about the possibility of sending all the device information inside of IMC to HPE Aruba Networking ClearPass. They were talking around 4000 devices and they did not want to enter them into ClearPass through any other method than API 🙂

I used the pyarubaimc and pycentral python bindings and wrote this app in Flask and Docker. I’d say next up is a little field testing and let it sink its teeth into some real data. Keep you posted on what I find.

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