Cats Dancing With Dogs? HPE Primera talking to HPE Nimble?

Effortless automation to the stackstorm universe.

You all know I am on a mission to unite all things HPE. With stackstorm it gets real easy. All I need to do is develop a stackstorm integration pack and I can “plug” it into the stackstorm server and BOOM, instant access to over 170 3rd party automation integration packs on the stackstorm exchange. The things that can be done are only limited to your imagination!

In the following video, I will demonstrate two stackstorm integration packs. One for 3Par/Primera and the other for HPE Nimble. I will show I can add volumes to Primera and they will AUTOMATICALLY appear in the HPE Nimble array. I will also show how the integration pack will get all tasks from the 3Par/Primera array and send them to a table in ServiceNow. All of this requires no programming or automation. Just install the packs on your stackstorm server and enable the rules.

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